More turbo options!

There are small differences between the 03'-05' and 06' 350Z models. These models are also the most popular and have a wide range of tuning options when it comes to power (supercharger, single turbo, twin turbo, bolt ons). However, there is a night and day difference between all of these models and the 07'-08' Z. The 07-08 models , called the HR versions, have a beefier engine and produce more power/torque. The bad side is that the aftermarket isnt producing many products for my model. If I wanted to boost the car I would either have to get a supercharger or get TT kit. Personally I would rather have a single turbo setup :|

Im excited as fuck that S&R Performance is releasing a single turbo version for my model. Just to compare: running 10psi of boost on the TT setup would roughly equal 500hp, on the single turbo setup 9psi of boost achieved 525hp. Of course this wont cost as much as a TT. Its still a lot, but I can run a bigger turbo and get more power!

Must make more money. Must spend it on this turbo kit.