New Spares

Say hi to my drift spares. I ended up buying these two wheels from someone else who used them to drift for cheap!. I was surprised that they are actually in really good condition. Anyways I hope to have them wrapped up in some rubber  so I can attend the upcoming events in February. After doing a test fit today, I'm planning on buying 3 more of the hyper silver wheels.I will also be ordering a real set of Work Emotion CR-Ka1's (which these are a replica of) in a more aggressive offset.

18x9.5 +20's


More turbo options!

There are small differences between the 03'-05' and 06' 350Z models. These models are also the most popular and have a wide range of tuning options when it comes to power (supercharger, single turbo, twin turbo, bolt ons). However, there is a night and day difference between all of these models and the 07'-08' Z. The 07-08 models , called the HR versions, have a beefier engine and produce more power/torque. The bad side is that the aftermarket isnt producing many products for my model. If I wanted to boost the car I would either have to get a supercharger or get TT kit. Personally I would rather have a single turbo setup :|

Im excited as fuck that S&R Performance is releasing a single turbo version for my model. Just to compare: running 10psi of boost on the TT setup would roughly equal 500hp, on the single turbo setup 9psi of boost achieved 525hp. Of course this wont cost as much as a TT. Its still a lot, but I can run a bigger turbo and get more power!

Must make more money. Must spend it on this turbo kit.


DIY Coilover Install

Installing coilovers on a car is actually a lot easier than it looks. It basically turns out to be: jack up the car, remove OEM springs/shocks, use the same bolts to put new coilovers in. I suggest to know what dampening settings you want, so that they can be adjusted before the coils are on the car. This is written for a 350Z, so not every step (like the strut bar removal) will apply. Also, if the rear coilovers look the same as the fronts (spring and shock together), then you will need aftermarket camber and toe arms. Unfortunately I only took one picture while I installed mine, so the ones I found aren't the best

Front Coils:
1)Start by removing the strut bar, to have access to the 12mm bolts UNDER the hood. Remove those too
2)Work on unbolting the 17mm bolt with the red arrow. Using an impact wrench is very useful here.

3)The end links (green arrow) will need to be removed to get more clearance. 
4)Now loosen up the bolts holding the A-Arm. This will let you have enough room to remove the old shocks/springs. 

5)If you bought aftermarket A-Arms, this is the time to put them in
6)Replace everything with shiny coilovers

Rear Coils:
1)For the shock its the same as in the fronts: remove the 17mm bolt from the end and the 2 12mm bolts at the top.
2)The spring bucket needs to be removed next (green/blue arrows). The spring is then going to pop out, be careful.

3)Where the spring bucket was attach toe arms
3)Put coilovers in..

Not the best write up, but its pretty straight forward.


Do work!

I'm in the process of writing some DIY stuff and part reviews. Mostly about suspension work, since that's mostly what I've been working on lately. Easy shit just lots of parts. In the mean time here's a local crew called Ignite Soul. Check em out, these guys are really talented


Streetwise Drift coverage

I noticed that I never posted up pictures for Streetwise like I said I would. There are way too many pictures to post, but Ill try and show some good shit. I looked over the videos I took and they're absolutely shit. Don't record videos on a droid.

Basically this even takes place at the Metrolina Expo in Charlotte, NC. It kind of looks like a fairgrounds honestly.

Streetwise Drift - Round 1 - 3/19/11 from Zak Kerbelis on Vimeo.

These guys are part of a local drift crew that goes to NCState

 Most of the guys that competed were sponsored


East Coast goes hard

One day I'll drift at this event, but until then ill keep window shoppin. Footage taken from East Coast Bash. All credit goes to Mark Lenardon.

East Coast Bash 2011 from Mark Lenardon on Vimeo.


Random Shoot

Thought I would take some pictures of the Z since installing the coilovers. They arent the best pictures, but whatever.